Gloomy Day at the Beach

Yesterday I was trying to remember when last time I went to the beach, and could not really remember the most recent time. Especially when I went there to swim. Not this year. Not last year. Hmm, seems like its been a while.

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This is the pier at the Topsail Beach North Carolina. It is probably getting hammered by the Sandy at the moment, I hope it survives unharmed after its all gone.

We are in Boston at the moment and will try to get back south by the end of the day, before Sandy makes its landing. I hope USAir does not mess our flights and get us to the final destination on time and without too much hassle. I’ll let you know in the next couple days what happens.

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Shrimp Run

A few weeks ago we did a “shrimp run” to the Sneads Ferry near the Topsail Beach. For the last few years my wife use to go there with one of her friends and pick up 50+ pounds of fresh shrimp right off the fishing boat. This year her friend could not make it and I had time, so it was my turn for this trip. With last years winter being so warm, the shrimp grew huge, it was probably some of the largest shrimp I ever saw, true jumbo shrimp, up to 5 inches long. We have about 35 pounds of it in the freezer for many good meal over the next twelve month.

It is good 4 hours drive from our house, so we stayed overnight at the beach and the following morning I got up early and sneaked out to take some sunrise pictures. There were no real sunrise, it rained overnight and total overcast, but the morning was nice nerveless. See it for yourself.

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