Stone Mountain River

I would not want to be at this spot when it rains. You wouldn’t either. The hole mountain is a gigantic stone with vertical drops to the ground, it is like a giant ball or stone brain sticking out from the ground. I bet when it rains it can get vey slippery and you will be gone. This is where the water runs down the slope, there are many of this little dry river beds, carved out over many centuries.

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I am Doing Just Fine

Trees and plants can survive in some amazingly harsh environments. Like take a look at this one, it is pretty much lives on the naked stone. It put it roots in a few little cracks and somehow get enough from what ever dirt is under there. Pretty cool.

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Stone Mountain, NC

I took this picture a few years ago while hiking at the Stone Mountain State Park in NC. That stone is amazing, it is like a huge ball, with very smooth stone surface, seating in the middle of nowhere. Actually it can be quite dangerous in many parts of the hike. It looks flat or maybe slight decline, but it goes forever and then it drops vertically for hundreds of feet. If you loose your balance you will roll all the way down and probably not in one peace.

To the west and north of the stone you can see Blue Ridge Mountains, to the east it would be Piedmont Triad but I don’t remember seeing far out that way.

Long way down from the top of the rock.

Hike also goes by nice waterfall, it seams like most people just go to the waterfall and back to the parking, they never venture on the actual stone. They miss most of the fun.