Roller Derby

If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll notice that last night I went to see Roller Derby. What a blast! I have never been to one before and all my knowledge about it was from watching a movie with Drew Barrymore, which was many years ago. My wife got us some tickets via Living Social and we decided to go and see it. I had no idea what to expect and if it would be any good, and oh boy, how awesome it was! You can seat on the floor right next to the yellow line and watch them in action from ten feet away. For the most of their bout I did not understand how they earn points, well, I still don’t, but that really didn’t matter. Watching them roller skating and audience screaming all over around us was an entertainment that I would repeat again and again.

And if you folks have a chance to see one, then go and do it! Time well spent.


Roller Derby - Click to see me in hi def!


Roller Derby - Click to see me in hi def!


Roller Derby - Click to see me in hi def!

Holiday Concerts with Greensboro Symphony

Every winter, right before Christmas, Greensboro Symphony puts on a show at Greensboro Coliseum. Access it free with donation of a few cans of food. One of the main attractions of this show is Summit Figure Skating club. They do at least 4-5 performances during the show. We went there last night see the show, donate some food and of course to see my daughter skate in the show. I believe that they raised about 570,000 cans of food. Pretty cool. It will feed a lot of hungry folks.

This is the view of the rink between performances. You can also see couple videos. Thanks for stopping by.

Click me, Click me

This video shows Polar Express performance:
This is Pas de Deux (Tchaikovsky):