Beaufort Sunset

Beaufort is a cute slippy little town near Atlantic Beach and Morehead City. If you ever visit Atlantic Beach in NC and want to some choices on food, beer and even live music then this is the place to go at night.

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Beaufort Sunset

I’m seating at the airport at the moment, waiting for my delayed flight, the usual with airlines these days. According to delay status there is a congestion at the destination airport… total bullshit. Anyway, since I have a few minutes, even so I’m kind of mentally really tired, here is another photo from our recent trip to Beaufort.

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Welcome to Beaufort

Couple weeks ago we did a quick overnighter to Atlantic Beach, NC. It is only about 15 min short drive to to Beaufort, local port town with a small marina and a few water facing restaurants. Naturally we went there to grab some seafood and take some sunset pictures. It was Saturday night and surprisingly not many people. We ended up seating on the outside deck all by ourselves, I guess last weekend in April is too early for people to go out and enjoy nice outdoor temperatures.

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Atlantic Beach, NC

Nice place to spend beach vacation if you are not looking for overcrowded environment. It is not commercialized as beaches in Myrtle Beach SC or even areas around Wilmington NC. I’ve never seen such clear water in NC/SC beaches, usually they have a lot of sand in it and you can’t see 2-3 feet into it. Water at the Atlantic Beach was incredibly clear, very nice surprise.

These pictures were taken in Beaufort, little port town near the Atlantic Beach. We had some of the best seafood there.