Good Morning

I’ve never done scheduled posts with making it visible on my blog at some point in the future. For this sunrise shot I want to ‘surprise’ myself with it appearing for me in the morning without me actually doing anything at that time, I’m actually posting it the night before, get it? Not sure why I’m saying it here, because you probably looking at it at some other point during the day and it will not have the same effect. Well, I think I’m doing this just to amuse myself, and if you enjoy the ride, well that’s good too.

Anyhow, this is Atlantic Beach in North Carolina, Thanksgiving Day morning in 2010. It was a nice day.

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Miss Rita

I like how captains name their boats after woman they love. Whether it is their wife, daughter, mother or mistress, most boats have female names and have some meaning to their owner. Like in this instance it is a working fishing boat, going every day into Atlantic ocean for a daily catch to be served at the restaurant behind my back. I bet there is a woman named Rita working in that restaurant, cooking food or overseeing its operations. I can’t recall the name of the place but they served some good sea food.

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Atlantic Beach Pier–Gone, Baby Gone

According to the latest news Atlantic Beach Pier in NC collapsed into the ocean. I posted a few photos of it over the last couple years, as it is one of our favorite destinations for a quick beach vacation. Check out these posts with this pier:

Now it is gone. I wonder what happened to the building and to the swimming pool. They also say that Sheraton has been damaged with its ocean facing walls being torn apart. Crazy stuff.

This photo was taken a few month back on one of our last visits to that area.

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Late Night Fishing

Most piers are very popular for sea fishing. They stick out far into the ocean sometimes allow to catch pretty good size fish. These folks are hoping too, to catch some tasty dinner.

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Early Morning Birds

This is another photo from last year early morning photo shoot at Atlantic Beach in NC. You can check other photos by selecting Atlantic Beach category on the right side. There should be a few of them there.

We were back at the same place in May, actually couple times, but with longer days the sun does not rise over the ocean during this time, it was rising way over the island and it was setting way over the island as well. It might seem like an obvious thing, but with the way this island is positioned, east,west and the sunset sunrise is not so obvious during different times of year. As I learned it is not super good place for morning and evening pictures during the summer. But it can be pretty good in the middle of the winter, as this photo was taking during Thanksgiving weekend, almost winter.

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