Asheville Mural Project

I know that Asheville has a lot of murals, they are all over downtown, but I did not know that there is an actual “Asheville Mural Project” till I was looking at this photo. Sometimes you can learn new things just like that.

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Friday Mystery Photo

I’m going to start sound like a broken record but this weather is really getting annoying. North Carolina is under another winter storm with more ice and snow, and it first week into March.

The photo below of course was taken during somewhat warmer times, on a much nicer day. Where do you think it is?

Saturday Update: As always, thanks for stopping by guys! This one was not super easy, but we have our experts in the audience. cassiedianne and karljamaica got it right, it is indeed at the Biltmore Estate. You can see the Biltmore House chimney between the beams.

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What do you think about closing ceremony? It was pretty cool, I think they did a good job.

Looks like Spring around the corner. With that huge snow storm just ten days ago, this weekend was really nice, mid sixties, sunny days. Flowers are coming out all over my yard and in just probably another week or two it will be all yellow. I’ll take a photo or two.

And it about two month everything will be back green and nice, just like on this photo at Biltmore Estate.

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Maybe about 10-15 seconds left and then it will be gone.

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This weekend we went overnight to Asheville. I didn’t take any photos with my big cameras, only a few shots with my phone. But we stayed at the recently opened A Loft hotel, right in down town, which was pretty cool. They upgraded us to the pool level with our door opening on the terrace with our own private terrace level. It as really convenient, but you have to make sure to lock those terrace doors. Next room to us was rubbed in that afternoon, iPad and some other expensive toys disappeared. There were a bunch young females staying there, all bridesmaids for the upcoming weekend wedding. They forgot to lock the door.

Since we are on the subject of Asheville, we are going to see something from that area. I took this photo at Biltmore Estate last summer, it was part of my short time lapse video, some of you who has been here for a while will surely recognize. I think they cut the grass just an hour or so before I took this, I really like how those lines are taking my eye all the way to the house.

Biltmore House - Click to see it in High Resolution!

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and here is the video from that day:

Biltmore Estate from Dmitrii on Vimeo.