Atlantic City

Its been couple weeks since last post. I’m still around… just didn’t get around to posting anything, at times didn’t feel like and at times was busy and didn’t get to it. Little break away from it all is good once in a while.

Over this time I managed to drive through New Jersey and stay overnight in Atlantic City. My goal was to take couple photos from this state to claim it as #34 of the US States that I have visited and posted a photo on this blog. Yep, one by one, getting them all done. I have now entire east coast, entire west coast and all states on the south. Pretty much everything else in the middle is still on my target list, but I do have a few years to cover them.

I have been to Atlantic City once before, about ten years ago, on a quick drive from NYC with some friends. This time around was about as quick as last time, with the exception of me sleeping over there. I didn’t go to any casinos, just took some photos, had a burger at that restaurant on the right and then walked a few miles on the boardwalk, trying to burn just consumed calories. Not many people were on the boardwalk, maybe they were giving away their money inside the casinos, so it was a bit boring as I really had very few people watching opportunities. People watching is very entertaining once in a while.

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