Ice Age Old Pot Holes

Imagine your self back at the same spot like long time ago, during ice age, that long ago. So this place is totally under water, like some big fast river or something coming down from up north, or maybe south, not sure. And there is a little tiny rock, like a little diamond strength type of little rock get into a little hole and it start whirling around and around. For a long really long time. You’d seat there under water and watch it, maybe like in time lapse fashion, maybe for a few hundred years, watching tiny little hole slowly growing into this.

Or as I told my wife, it is probably the work of some smart dinosaurs, they had to hide their valuables somewhere, right?

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Minneapolis from the Stone Arch

The Leanne Cole Photography

Want to shoot out thank you to the Leanne Cole Photography blog. Today she did a post about me, go visit her blog as well and check out her great photography.

On the Locks of the Mississippi

My wife use to walk over this bridge every day when she was attending University of Minnesota. On our most recent trip to Minneapolis to visit friends she made sure we made a late night stop to take some photos. She is always thinking of me!


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Sweet Cherry

Any folks from Minneapolis here? It is a very nice city. Not sure about winter, but I’ve been there twice during other warmer seasons and it was a blast. Last time, about eighteen month ago, while visiting friends we stopped by the Sculpture Park near the Walker Museum. The name of the park is very ‘original’, hehe, as it is full of different funky sculptures, for example Framing Your Mind was taken at this park as well.

Cherry fountain is another cool sculpture. I like that you can see tiny little drops of water in front of the cherry.

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Framing Your Mind

I think everyone can take their own message from this photo. Enjoy.

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Minneapolis Skyscrapers

Can you see them out there? This building is one of the tallest in Minneapolis and it nicely reflects a few other around it.

Right after taking this photo (and a few others) we went to the Polish festival, had a few beers and then we went to the German restaurant, had a boot, schnitzel and a few of those “Ziggy, Zaggy” toasts and even some German songs. I mainly listened and enjoyed as I can’t say a word in it.

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