Holiday Season

Holiday season in US is starting every year earlier and earlier. Years back, Christmas trees would be setup right after the Thanksgiving, getting the public into the spirit of spending their money on all the gifts other other stuff they buy during this time. In the last few years it is a norm to see it all over way before the Thanksgiving, at least one week before, which is like middle of November, one month before actual holiday.

I took this photo couple weeks ago at Detroit airport.

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Zehnder’s Famous

Last week we went for dinner at Frankenmuth Zehnder’s Famous Chicken Dinners for some family style German dinner. The table was loaded with bread, mashed potatoes, coleslaw and a few other items I can’t remember. Then chicken showed up with some schnitzels and we really got loaded on some food. Beer was good, but they don’t seems like do the German restaurant “Ziggy-Zaggy-Ziggy-Zaggy-Oy-Oy-Oy”

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Friday Mystery Photo

Very cool three way bridge, isn’t it? Locals were telling me that there are only twelve of such bridges in the entire world. Could be a quest for someone to go and see all of them. I don’t really know if there are only twelve and not sure where other eleven are located, so at this point it is not my quest.

But do you know where this one located?

Weekend Update: It started slowly but then a few of you figured out where it is. Midland Michigan. The Tridge, as they call it there. Interesting bridge connecting three different banks, as two rivers join into one.

btw, this makes it 40. Yes, this is State #40 out of 50, showing on my site. Ten more to go.