Monday Morning Movie

If video is not shown in the browser or applications then visit it at Before the Storm from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

This video and all photos were taken one day before Sandy arrived on the East coast. We stayed over in Rockport the night before, went to bed with clear skies, at sunrise there was wind and fast moving clouds, but nothing crazy yet. After lunch we flew down to Washington DC on one of the last flights. Everything was canceled for the next 3 days as Sandy took over NJ, NY and a few other states.

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Monday Morning Movie–Rockport

If Video is not shown then see it here: Before the Storm from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

I took photos in the movie and couple short time lapse movies last Sunday, one day before big storm Sandy came to the East coast. We were there during sunrise hours and the weather was actually not that bad. Wind was picking up a bit and clouds were moving in, but there were no rain at that point. Later in the morning we drove down to Boston and caught our planes down south, probably some of the few last planes that took off from Boston for the next two days.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Winter is Coming

It is getting chilly outside, in many places its even snowed, and most leaves are pretty much gone or about to. Another winter is just around the corner. There will be plenty of grey days in the next few months, just like one I had on that specific day. At least that beautiful yellow was something that pleased the eye and provided nice contrast with other naked trees and grey skies.

Anyone to guess where this place is? Even if you never been to this cool town, there are some clues…just saying…

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