Friday Mystery Photo

Every time I see this mural (it happens once or twice each year) it reminds me about 1930’s Soviet Industrial propaganda posters. It is probably because of the train engine. Of course one important element is missing here, an intense looking working class female or male or both, with some message, something like “Industrialism is a way to Socialism!”.

As you can see by the size of the bricks and the size of the little wall sign, this mural is huge, covering entire wall of this building. I’ll give one clue – red car indicates the type of building this mural is painted on. Not sure if search engines will provide a quick answer on where it is, so unless you happen to walk by it, you might not know where it is.

Weekend Update: We have one virtual winner, congratulations to Jomo for identifying the right place of this photo. The red car has letter H on the front hood, that was the clue, hopefully letting you all know that it has something to do with the Honda, in this case it happens to be Honda dealership, and it is located in Bethesda Maryland.

thanks all for stopping by!

Bethesda Art

I posted a version of this photo via Twitter last night (see on the right), and then decided to take the high resolution copy of the photo and post it as well. Kind of cool street art there in Bethesda MD.

There is another mural couple blocks from this spot, I’ll try to take a photo of it as well, I like street art like this.

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Christmas at Tiffany’s

Chevy Chase area in DC is probably one of the most expensive and snoopy areas in DC. Well, truly, most of DC is very expensive, so saying that this area is most expensive is probably highly debatable, but nerveless based on my observation of the shops around there it is not one of the cheapest ones. In December I stayed for a few nights at hotel  near the Friendship Heights metro station. When you walk from hotel to the metro station you’d see all of these fancy designer brand name stores. Usually some type of security car would be idling on the corner. I never saw any people going in or out. I always wondered how these places stay in business. Is there really that many people going buying super expensive jewelry, leather bags, shoes and dresses to pay their salaries and I’m pretty sure not so cheap rental? I read somewhere about Chinese malls and all designer shops in those malls. They are empty. No one goes there because no one can afford to shop there. How do they stay in business? Supposedly they pay their rent on the amount of actual sales or something like that. So those stores don’t have to make any money to cover their rental, but they would have presence at the mall – advertisement for the designer brand and prestige for the mall. I kind of question the same business practice in US.

Any one knows how these places stay in business?