Lafayette Cemetery

Can’t recall if I posted any of the photos that show insides of those chambers, with some bones in it. Many of those walled brick walls have fallen out and you can see what inside, somewhat creepy for sure. Now that I think about it, I should check my archives from the day I visited this cemetery and see those photos. If you ever visit New Orleans, make sure to visit Lafayette Cemetery #2, this is where you can see it rough, old and not so manicured graves as in some other more touristy and better taken care cemeteries of New Orleans.

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Bronze Girl

I kind of like this statue and on a few occasions I had a chance to visit New Orleans and French Quarter I tried to swing by her and take a look. It is another place where people like to take their selfies with. I’m not into selfies, can’t share any of those, but if you are, then you can Photoshop your smug into this photo if you like and pretend that you were in French Quarter. Well, hopefully no one would go that far.

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In French Quarter

Couple days before New Years eve this place was really calm and clean, away from the Bourbon street, washed off by some rain. I like to take photos during the rain or immediately after, even so it is very hard to take it during the rain, but reflections and all the sparkles are worth every effort.

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The Eye

Carriage horses seems to have the worst job, that the horse can do. There are probably much worse jobs, we just don’t see it. This one is right there in the most touristy areas in big and small cities. They are there day after day after day. Looking sad.

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Friday Mystery Photo

The arctic vortex is behind us and we don’t have to wear multiple layers of coats anymore, at least not in NC. In two month time I’ll probably start photographing first spring flowers, it is almost around the corner.

But today is another Friday, our second for this year and as always something different and hopefully not too known in this specific representation.  Do you know where it is and what is the name of this building?

Weekend Update: Thanks to all for stopping by and taking a look at another mystery photo. It is not a mystery anymore as at least two people recognized it –  Lázaro Rojas first suggested it, and then ramificationphotography even showed another photo from slightly different angle that he took decade ago. It is in the French Quarter New Orleans, the back side of the St. Louis Cathedral. The front of it is facing Jackson Square.

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