Friday Mystery Photo

Hey folks, its been a while since I had any posts on Friday, well, last night I got home not too late and had a few minutes to get this one out for you to identify. My wife did not know where it was, and she usually can point out location for most of my photos, so it might be a bit of a challenge for you as well.

Looks like an alien ship. Perhaps it was built by aliens too.

Weekend update: Good tries everyone, but no right answers. This is down Chicago at the Millennium Park, not far from The Bean. Funky building between the trees.

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Inside the Bean

Distorted reality in it pure form, just go and see The Bean. It will bend your mind in all kind of waves. Popular place to selfies. One even can argue that is it my own selfie too, as one of those figures out there is myself, actually I can count at least three of me there, The Bean, selfie multiplier.

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Train to Chicago

Couple months ago I had a long layover in Chicago O’Hara airport which I used to get into the town and explorer it for couple hours. I shot this video with my phone while taking the train from the airport into the city.

Train in Chicago

This was my second visit to Chicago, very short one too. I have seen a few movies with some down town Chicago action, train tracks above the streets, all rugged with special downtown street noise. Getting to Chicago on the train and then seeing it all over the town reminded me about those memories.

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The Bean

Couple weeks ago I had a long layover in Chicago, long enough to catch a train to downtown and explorer some areas, take some photos and claim my 41st state. With Chicago under the belt, I have Illinois under the belt and it makes nice 41 US States that I have visited and took a photo. Getting close.

The Bean is pretty cool, and it attracts a lot of people doing all kind of selfies. I took some “selfies” as well, it is hard not to take one if you take a photo of this thing in any close proximity, you are going to see your reflection in it. But most of the shots I ended up taking of people standing right next to it and taking their selfies next to The Bean. I’ll have to post a few in the near future.

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