Kiss the Sun


My daughter is going to be in Cambodia for couple months doing some volunteer work, so I decided to visit her while she is there and explorer a bit of the country. I just booked the ticket for Phnom Penh. Pretty exciting.

Anyone been there and have some recommendations? I got the Lonely Planet book to get most of the information, but something first hand would be cool to know as well.

Key West

Can’t recall if I was on the boat on on the shore when I took this photo. I know that I did sunsets on a few nights, but it has been a while now. Anyhow, I personally like this one, kind of peaceful and relaxing to look at it.

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High Alert

He was watching me as I walked closer and closer taking photos, trying to get rising sun right behind it. I wanted to see how it would look later with some processing done to it. It took me two and half years to get to this image and try make it work. It was taken somewhere on the way to the Key West, on one of the islands, but I have no idea exactly where, if any of you recognize this little island please let me know the coordinates so I can geo tag it.


No Where to Go

I can’t remember the name of this bridge, it is somewhere midway between Key West and Miami. You might have seen another photo of the same bridge, posted while back. Anyways, that is all for today.

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Eat Her Raw…Opps…Eat It Raw

I do love to eat raw oysters, going to eat some tonight or tomorrow night as we are going to Charleston SC for New Years Eve. This place can be found much more South than Charleston, all the way in Key West. It is casual and confortable place, just like pretty much the rest of the Key West. There is a reflection of someone in one of the windows, I was trying to figure out if it was me or someone else, it is somewhat a wrong angle for my reflection, but there were literally no people at this early morning. Hmm, morning ghosts of Key West.

As you can see it is one of those cloudless sunrises, with sun popping up over the horizon and making it very uneventful morning. I had one this morning as well, this time in St Augustine Fl.

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Me Against The Truck

You get it, right?

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