In Bruges

Yes, just like that movie. No, we didn’t have a shoot out and no one died. Bruges was really nice, very quaint and peaceful. Perfect tourist town. A lot to see, easy to get to it via rail and very good food. I had the best mussels in Bruges.  Yes, I tried them other places before and I tried them in many more places after Bruges. No one can compare to the quality of the mussels we had in Bruges. And they eat French fries with mayonnaise, how awesome is that? I loved it. No stinking ketchup. French fries and mayonnaise is perfect marriage of two. The mussels choices were multiple, I think they had at least a dozen different sauces to choose from. For 11-12 Euros you get a huge pot of it and the beer, the Belgium beer does not require any praise, it is one of the best. 

I thought this looked cool while passing it by. Very old and somewhat midevilish, if you replace all the modern parts out, haha.  I even printed this picture on fabric paper and it hangs at my house. It looks awesome.