Greenwich Low Tide

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a bit busy lately, fortunately there are a few images stored in archives, processed a while back. This morning was probably one of the most productive in my photo travels, with ten images already published, all taken probably in a span of 45 minutes. This one will be probably the last one from that morning. You can check them all under CT->Greenwich Point Park category.

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Yes another sunrise, or is it a sunset? Sunrise, sunrise. As most of you out there I do not have an opportunity to go shoot photos every day, or even every week. Sometimes not shooting for a month. Still want to put a few photos per week on my blog, that is a challenge. So when good opportunity comes around with a lot of different angles I try to shoot as much as I can and then process them one by one over some period of time. So many times you’ll see a reoccurring themes from the same day. Like today’s photo was taken about 13 month ago, along with about half a dozen other photos that already appeared here, and I still might have one or two to process from that same morning. It was one of those super friendly to a landscape photographer mornings. Next time I make a toast, I’ll drink to that!

How about you? Do you process your photos at the same time or let them seat for while and come back to them when it feels right?

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Perfect Sunrise

I’m not a morning person, I do like to sleep in and getting up for sunrise is very painful. I can’t tell you how many times this year I got up in hopes to get a nice sunrise picture. A lot. Unfortunately pretty much all of them were either with full overcast or not a single cloud in the sky. Just this past week I was visiting relatives in PA and got up every morning in hopes that clouds would just have tiny little break on the horizon and give me a show. Nope.

I took this photo almost 12 month ago. It snowed the night before and overall it was an overcast, but on the horizon there was just a little break and for about ten minutes I had this amazing show of light. I probably took half a dozen or more pictures that morning. Why couldn’t every morning when I managed to get out be like this?

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Frozen Skies

No faking here, the sky was lighted up from under by the rising sun, but only for about 10 minutes. Then it disappeared above them and morning turned into grey overcastish type of day.

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Pebble Beach

Rocky beach at Greenwich Park, I call is Pebble Beach. That is all I want to say.

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