Another Shadow

Last photo showed sunset shadow at the 3rd highest mountain in Colorado. Following up today with another shadow, but this time it is sunrise shadow. Some of you might know where it is, by recognizing this landscape…

Well, it was taken from the summit of Uncompahgre Peak, in beautiful San Juan Mountains.

Uncompahgre Peak

Handies Peak

Getting ready for summer season in Colorado high country. This is view of Handies Peak from Uncompahgre Peak. One 14er to another 14er. Bird can fly it in matter of some minutes… It takes hours to get from the place I was standing to the other peak, using roads and trails.

First Light

Redcloud and Sunshine Peaks basking in the early morning sun. I climbed Uncompahgre Peak in early October 2021 and witnessed this beautiful sunrise.

These photos are part of my Colorado 14ers collection. You can put it on your wall as prints or collect as one of a kind NFT. See links above.

Uncompahgre Peak #3

Sunrise view of Uncompahgre Peak from the Handies Peak. Sun about to rise above the Sunshine Peak.

Colors in the sky will change quickly from this color to yellow/orange and then change to blue… more picks coming…

Taken in October 2021