Hiking Down to the Black Lake 

Yesterday I went up to the Black Lake. Had lunch and then decided to go up to the Frozen Lake. It’s like probably another couple thousand feet in altitude gain. On the way back you get this fabulous view of Black Lake right under you. Check my short video descending down to it

Mills Lake 

Fresh one from a hike earlier today. Went almost all the way to the Frozen Lake, it’s probably another 3 or so miles from this spot, straight up there in the mountains. On the way you have to pass the Mills Lake. All under good solid ice right now.

Beautiful Colorado 

I took this one about ten months ago in Rocky Mountain National Park. Nice day in a beautiful place.

Right Turn Only

Another shot from our recent drive through the Trail Ridge Road in RMNP. Getting those signs cleared is important, don’t want drives drive straight into the cliff. 

Mountain Living 

Its nice to be about one hour drive away from places like this. With all types of other things happening in life we can’t go there every weekend, but when we do manage, it never disappoints. Views are spectacular.