Good Times

About to hit that ice on down hill slope. Hard smooth ice, it was covered by a few inches of fresh snow and descending it was easy and fun. Ascending it, well, it was not visible on my way up to the Black Lake and I ended up doing some body snow surfing, even in snowshoes. Fun times in the mountains! Can’t wait for another adventure and I’m about to have a toast 🥂 for many more to come!

Up to the Black Lake

Had to take advantage of holiday and do some fresh snow backyard adventure. Managed to get all the way to the Black Lake in #rockymountainnationalpark and quick stop at the end of the day at Dream Lake. By the end it got so cold (7F according to my car) that layer under the windbreaker was white frosty frozen when I took it off before getting in the car.

You might notice that I’m standing knee deep in fresh powder. Post Mills Lake snowshoes were must to have. All lakes are now fully covered in snow, 4-10 inches at least.

Dream Lake

A short hike with awesome view is better than no hike at all. Went up to the Emerald Lake in hopes of finding clear and smooth ice. It was covered in snow and Dream Lake ice was not very smooth, plus under intense wind attack.

But hard to beat the view, don’t you think?

The snow cone behind the rock is product of wind, blowing in the same direction, straight into my face as I took this photo.

Frozen Lake

It was a beautiful day in the mountains! Walking or skating on the frozen lakes is fun and yet terrifying. You see that ice is super thick but then hear it making cracking noise, which are totally normal, and start question your self if I should be on top of it.


Different perspective changes how you see things in life and in the mountains. View from the water level would make you think that there isn’t much behind the boulder in the center of the lake. Look at my prior post, view from the Andrews Glacier. Changes everything.