Night Sky at 12000 Elevation

Crossing Horn Fork Creek in pitch dark night on the new moon a few days ago. I went up to Mt Harvard (14,421 elevation) for sunset and then had to descent in the complete darkness for good 3.5 hours all the way down to the trailhead. As I was crossing this creek I thought that it might be a cool picture with running water and that beautiful sky. It turned out nicely, what do you think?

Btw, the mountain in the background I believe is Mt Yale.

30 seconds at ISO640 with about 1 or 2 seconds of my headlight to light up the foreground.

Mt Yale

It was very hazy morning when I climbed up to Huron Peak in early September 2021. Mt Yale to the left, and I think middle one is Princeton and way far back on the right is Antero, but might be mistaken on those.

Part of my art collection of Colorado 14er from another 14er. Hope you enjoy it.

Mt Yale

Mt Yale view from the Missouri Mountain. Part of my art collection of Colorado 14ers from other 14ers.

Mount Yale

On the 3rd day of this week 14ers climbing spree I decided to climb Mount Yale. While at 2AM it was around 45F at trailhead and no wind I decided to wear some tights to keep legs warm at the summit. Good choice, it was cold and windy at the top and I try to spend time to enjoy the summit (how often do you get there?), especially when you get there way before sunrise.

The hike to Yale is pretty straight forward. Very good trail all the way to the last climb, which is all large boulder traverse, it was fun part in complete darkness, I had to turn my headlight all the way up to spot the cairns…and notice to the side drops of darkness… not where you go, haha

My 22nd 14er overall and was fifth this week. 30 something to go 😎

On the first photo you can see Buena Vista down in the valley. On the second one I’m looking at Mount Harvard and Columbia. So close yet far away!

Btw, if you do this one, highly recommend to stop at the Cottonwood Hotsprings Spa..get a day pass and soak your mussels and joints in nice 106F temps pool.