And the View is Awesome!

Finally, managed to climb up to the summit of the mountain you have seen a few posts back. Now you can see the lakes that have no name from high up. While pictures can never repeat the in-person experience, I think it shows it darn well, how pretty it all.

What are your weekend plans? I’m contemplating on hiking a 14er or two. Perhaps I see you on the trail!

More of the same

Alpine lakes that have no name. Unless you know where they are, you don’t ever know where they are. Lets keep it this way.

Alpine Lakes are Awesome

The Other Lake

This is the other lake that does not have a name, seating just a few feet below the one with little icebergs, shown in prior post. I had some fun on this snow field, trying to ski in my trail running shoes.

Some of you might also recognize prominent peaks in the background, they are much better looking from the east side, but it kind of gives you an idea of where I’m at this moment.

No Name Lake

This lake has no name. It seats right under the mountain which I’m about to climb. You can see this mountain in the prior three posts.