Where the Wild Things Are

Somewhere in the Indian Peaks Wilderness 😎 on a journey to some lake. Get out there this weekend and enjoy the nature and you might see something like this as well.

It is also available in my print gallery at high resolution

Moody Sunrise

Moody sunrise this morning in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Went for a quick 5 miles hike with @winifredlezine to do some fall color peeping… was rewarded with dark fast moving clouds over the high country and blue skies to the east. Wind, lots of wind.

We left just before crowds started showing up 😎, great way to start Sunday morning.

The Other View

A different view of the peak that is usually taken with a lake in front of it.

Also available in the print gallery.

Early Morning in the Mountains

Can you name the lake?

Lake Isabelle