More Aspens 

Another view of aspens at sunrise on the conundrum trail. We started it at 7AM and for the first hour it was really cold, grass had frost on it and walking in the canyon with early sun behind the mountains was quite chilly. Good thing we had long sleeve tops to get us through the first hour. By around 8:30 or so the sun got high enough to warm up the air and make our morning hike to conundrum hot springs nice and comfortable. Walking back in mid-late afternoon was quite opposite, with not a single cloud in the sky by then sun was there to get you and any shade was very welcome.


Early morning hike to conundrum hot springs had some nice light when the sun came above the ridge of the canyon. Like these Aspens. 

Conundrum Hot Springs 

Getting some unsuspecting sunburn at 11,200″ elevation, while soaking in the hot water at Conundrum hot springs. We hiked 8.5 miles, got our muscles relaxed in the hot water, enjoyed the view, talked to a few other backpackers and then hiked back down. Seventeen miles in one day! It was one of a kind. Next time need to plan to camp there for a night or two, as my feet are still hurting from doing this much walking in one day.