Incidental Celebrity

If you ever been to China and brought with you your teenage daughter or niece or granddaughter then you might relate to this post. Almost two years ago we had a very short trip through China on our way to Kazakhstan, with only about 3 days stay in Beijing. Guess the surprise for my daughter when many Chinese girls her own age would come over and ask to take a picture with her. Probably at least half a dozen times, all in short 3 days! I had my camera ready just in time on couple occasions to get her little ‘incidental celebrity’ status on tape, other went and gone before I could take the cap of my camera. I use to live in China in early 90th and saw similar requests, so it was not super foreign to me, but at the same time I was surprised that this would be happening now, after all, Beijing is packed with foreigners these days, but I guess not many of them are teenage girls. I wonder if it is the same in Japan and other south east Asian countries or it is totally unique to China only.

BTW, no one asked to take pictures with me or my wife Sad smile, haha, we are not cool enough! What about you? Have you ever had situation when total strangers come to you and ask to take a photo with them?

The Great Great Wall in the Smokes

19 years ago when I first time visited The Great Wall the weather was perfect, with blue skies and some pretty clouds. Past summer I was hoping to see the same view. Wasn’t to be. Hot, steamy white air was cloaking the hills. Slight disappointment. Nerveless, we had great time.

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One More Time

Ok, one more photo with Great Wall tourist. You can see four other in the previous four posts.

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Cute Chinese Lady

Continuing my posts with portrait shots from the Great Wall. We were there at the end of July and it was extremely unpleasant weather, it was hot, humid and smoggy. We didn’t look too glamorous there, we were sweaty and the hit just didn’t do any favors to our appearance. But pretty much every photo of other folks on the wall that I took are looking good, not sweaty and not looking exhausted from the hit and humidity. Maybe it can be attributed to the fact that they didn’t try to cover as much territory as we did, who knows. Or they just know how to handle that type of weather, or maybe they didn’t drink any beer the night prior, hmm. Click to open in my photo gallery

Where is He From?

For the most part I can fairly easy distinguish between different nationalities, even before they open their mouth and say something – then it is obvious give away. But I think it requires some level of world travel and some observation skills. How about you? Can you look at someone and say that it is an American, European (what country), Chinese, Korean, Japanese or from one of the Southeast Asian countries?

With this guy it is not so obvious. Picture is taken in China, but it does not mean that he is actually Han. He could be North Korean (highly unlikely, but not South, that’s for sure), he could be Han from the South China or he might even be from one of the Southeast countries, like Vietnam. Will really never know.

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