Speak French?

On a quick day trip to Montreal and everyone speaks French to me. I don’t speak a word. Not sure if they are disappointed or not.

It’s been snowing on and off for the last 24 hours. Pretty cool. Also people are out all about doing their stuff. It’s nice. Down south it would paralyze most everyone and everything.

Winter Flowers

Last night I had to look through every winter photo I took in the last few years, trying to find one with a flower. I had to finish this flower series. I didn’t have any real flowers, but when I saw this one, I was as happy with it as with real flowers. Taken one day before Christmas on the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls, you could not find any better flowers than what is shown here.

Winter flowers for you Ladies and Gentlemen.

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Blackcomb Slopes

Four years ago I actually got to see last couple days of the Winter Olympics in Whistler-Blackcomb Canada. I had some business in Seattle and made my way up north for quick weekend of snowboarding. If you never been to Whistler village, well, this is your loss, try to make there one of the days if you can, it is a great place. Of course the mountains is what everyone comes there, the size and beauty is breath taking.

I usually find myself on the Blackcomb Mountain, I think it is a bit more wild than Whistler and better for snowboarders. Plus, it has the Blackcomb Glacier. The only Glacier I have been around up to this day.

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and there is all me in my four years than now younger glory. ahh, it was such a good day.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Spring break is almost over and I’m getting back online. I find it hard to post any photos while traveling, I take a lot of photos while being away from home, but usually not doing any type of post processing and posting. At the same time I try not to miss Monday and Friday posts, as they have a pattern and maybe some of you are already waiting for another Friday photo.

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a very cool city, where is it?

As always I’ll update it with location on Saturday.

Sunday update: I’ve never been to Copenhagen and asked my wife why a few of you said that it is definitely not in Copenhagen. They have a similar girl, mermaid in fact, not just a swimmer. Now I want to go and see it. But a few of you (mbaldelli, xtinamcgphoto, Guy and timmyL) got this one right, it is in fact in Vancouver BC.

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Niagara Falls Sunset

This was taken couple days before Christmas from the Canadian side. I wonder how the same sunset would look like from the US side? I think you would see the sun with the Horse Shoe Falls from the US side, not just the projection of it on the mist from it. As always, higher resolution image is better to enjoy.

Thanks for all the nice comments on my last post from New York City!

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