Angkor Wat Monk

Strong Roots 

It requires strong foundation to keep all that up and stable. This is the same spot at Angkor Wat  as yesterday post.

Dusting Off

Have to keep it clean. Worker at Angkor Wat doing some early morning cleaning before thousands if tourists arrive to see the ruins.

Lady and the Horse

Sunrise at Angkor Wat is a very busy place. Only to clear out around one or so hours after sun is up. Then bigger tour busses show up with tour group tourists and its get swarmed with human all over again for the rest of the day.

Somehow between the sunrise and the arrival of the after breakfast crowds I got a chance to see this girl walking up the grazing horse, it look just too perfect not to take a photo.

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Ghosts of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is a crowed place. Any time of the day. At sunrise a few thousand people descent there to see the sun coming from behind the temple and it does not get any less crowded later on in the day as bigger buses come with many more tourists. I was really surprised at how many people were there for sunrise. Our tuck-tuck picked us up from hotel in Siem Reap at 5AM, and as we were getting closer to the entrance of Angkor Wat, more and more tuck-tucks joined us in the same direction. Dozens of them. By the time we offloaded at the entrance to it there were hundreds of people walking towards the temple.

I took this photo because of the little reflection in the water, ignoring all the people. It was a quick shot before I moved closer the temple as well. Later on we had a chance to spend some time in the temple and walk through thousand years old halls and tunnels. Last night as I looked at this photo it gave me feeling that all those walking shadows are from centuries of people who once walked on these stones and long ago been dead.

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