San Francisco Bay Sunrise

Its been now couple years since I have been to San Francisco and I miss that area a bit. Not sure when I get a chance to be there again, hopefully not too long from now.

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Moving at the Speed of Light

I always like to look at the night shots with some light lines of cars or other moving objects. Making one of such photos is much harder task. Especially if it is the same moving object.

Trams in San Francisco are one of the cool tourist attractions and nice transportation. At night you have to wait for them a bit to come by and they zip by fairly fast. I think I tried to take the photo of at least two different trams and get something interesting. I probably could seat there and wait for another one, but we were tired and ready to go back to hotel.

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Best City to Live At

Just read last week that the best city to live in US is San Francisco. The criteria is based on multiple factors, all boiling down to the quality of life one can get at that specific city. I visited San Francisco a few times and really enjoyed it. Just need to make a few million bucks to live there comfortably, not a small order.

Hmm, I’d take any of those houses below as my primary or part time residence.

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Golden Gates

Well, it is late night and I’m super tired, but wanted to share this photo from San Francisco that I took about eighteen month ago.

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Golden Gate Bridge Flowers

Last night I was looking for a photo to publish and randomly selecting different folders to see if anything will catch my eye. This one felt right and here it is for you guys to enjoy as well.

Golden Gate Bridge Flowers - Click to see it in High Resolution!

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