RoadKill Cafe

I like to have my wife on my vacations… not only for many other obvious reasons, but she likes to do some research about our destinations and always suggests places we should stop and see. Like in this case I’d probably never stop at the Roadkill Café if it was not for her. She knew about this place and as we took historic HW66 drive we found this place to have lunch. Their bison burger sucked big time, not something I would order again if I ever had a chance to eat there, but the decorations of this place compensated for not so tasty burger. Check it for your self, what was in front of us during our lunch.

Oh, and as for the folks there, it is not us. I think they were Europeans, travel bloggers or something like that, as they spent entire time looking at their photos and doing something with them. I guessed that she was Czech, and guy looked like our friend Patrick who is Lebanese, but this one probably not. But who really cares.

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