Friday Mystery Photo

We did a day trip to this place for some hiking and during this day had nice sunshine, a bit of rain and some nice snow showers. We listened to some folks talking about their super earthy and green yoga studio, where they all exchange only positive energy between themselves and surrounding energy sources, which of course heal their souls and bodies. We ate Thai food with some new age twist on its ingredients which I would probably not repeat again and look for another place to it, as I prefer more mainstream version of Thai cuisine.

I’m sure many of you know exactly where it is, don’t you?

Weekend update: We have couple virtual winners this time around, Cathy Ulrich and kazg10 suggested it to be near Sedona Arizona. This is a few miles west of it, taken from the Red Rock State Park, from one of the hikes around the park.

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Route 66

About eleven month ago we did a quick trip to Arizona to the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff. On the way back from Flagstaff to Las Vegas we decided to drive Route 66 as much as we could. One of the stops was in Williams Arizona. It was a nice winter day, with blue skies and crisp cold air. While walking through a few shops I took some photos of things with pretty colors.. I just like colors… like this one


or this one


this was actually on one of the outside walls, a bit of history for you


and we had coffee at the red garter, they don’t provide lady services anymore, just some coffee, cookies and other touristy type of thingies


and more souvenirs, if you are into 66, then it is probably belongs on your car


and the train to Grand Canyon, not sure how many people were on it during this season, but it is probably packed during summer times


Arizona Landscape

Sedona and its surrounding area offer some of the most breathtaking landscape views. We did a short hike at the Red Rock State Park and saw really amazing weather changes with the gorgeous background. Hard to not take a good photo when you see something like this. To really appreciate it you have to see it at higher resolution, full screen (hint – click on the image).

Red Rock State Park - Click to see it in High Resolution!

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Light me Up

We spent there only one day, but experienced all type of winter weather we could ask for. Sunny skies, dark stormy clouds, snow, fog and wind. All appeared in the span of 10 hours. With the size of the Grand Canyon you could see snow falls just a few miles away while you were under the perfect blue skies, then it would move your way and you’d be snowed in while other spots would be lighted up by the sun. Really awesome experience.

So here is another one from the Grand Canyon series.  

Grand Canyon - Click to see in Hi Resolution!

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Grand Canyon

What a place! True to its name, it is Grand. None of the photos will ever do the justice to its size and expanse. You have to see it in person with your own eyes to appreciate its true magnificence. If you guys never been to it, you have to put on your bucket list and try to visit it. We were there last year only for one day, on the South Rim, not enough! I’d like to see it again with at least a few days of on site exploration and hiking. Visiting the North Rim would be awesome as well. But for now I’ll just look at this photo, as it will be my wall paper for the next few days!

Grand Canyon - Click to see in Hi Def!!!

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