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Somewhere in Arizona

Couple years ago right around this time, plus minus couple weeks, we were in Arizona, driving on Route 66 and enjoying the scenery. I saw this train coming in my back mirror, pulled to the side and took this photo. … Continue reading

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Hoover Dam

This was taken from the Hoover Dam itself. To the left is Arizona and to the right is Nevada. On our trip back from Arizona we walked there on the bridge as well. Nice view of the dam and the … Continue reading

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Friday Mystery Photo

Another week is almost behind us. We are starting to get those huge Autumn spiders in our yard. They are about one inch in size at their largest and very scary looking as they seat in the middle of their … Continue reading

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Arizona Joshua Tree

I have never been to the Joshua Tree National Park in California. I guess it is full with Joshua Trees. Just like this one. To see one, you don’t have to be in California, you can see plenty of them … Continue reading

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Grand Canyon

I took a few photos on our one day trip to Grand Canyon but it seems like I only posted one or two of them in the last couple years. I’ll try and process a few more in the coming … Continue reading

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Friday Mystery Photo

We did a day trip to this place for some hiking and during this day had nice sunshine, a bit of rain and some nice snow showers. We listened to some folks talking about their super earthy and green yoga … Continue reading

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Route 66

About eleven month ago we did a quick trip to Arizona to the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff. On the way back from Flagstaff to Las Vegas we decided to drive Route 66 as much as we could. One of the … Continue reading

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