Friday Mystery Photo

Happy New Year to you all! Last year was a good one and I hope this one will be even better. I was able to visit many new states and get over half of them under my belt. Many more to go over the next few years.

I appreciate all of your support during last twelve month and I’m looking on posting more photos during the next twelve as well.

I’ll start this year with the traditional Friday mystery photo. Contrasting old and new. Let the new year be as bright, colorful and wealthy and those modern looking skyscrapers, and the old provide a solid foundation and defend us from any unforeseeable issues.

where is this anyway?

A few little weekend clues: the front part is the corner of the fortress, in Spanish style. You might have seen it in many photos from Puerto Rico, but this is not Puerto Rico. Those two buildings were build in the last few years, one of them is some kind of business, and the other one as you can see is one the large hotel chains. Also, this photo will be the first from another state that yet to be shown on blog and I was there over the holidays.

Weekend update: Nice tries folks. You were all over the world but none close to the actual place. I’d never guess it myself unless I actually happened to be there and thought that it would make a nice mystery photo. This is actually in Mobile Alabama, historic downtown area.

thanks for stopping by!

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