Different perspective changes how you see things in life and in the mountains. View from the water level would make you think that there isn’t much behind the boulder in the center of the lake. Look at my prior post, view from the Andrews Glacier. Changes everything.

Andrews Glacier

Did a great hike today with @winifredlezine to the Andrews Glacier in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Beautiful hike. This is my third glacier in Colorado 😎

One of the best parts is that only one other hiker, out of hundreds, decided to hike up to this destination.

Lake Isabelle

Sun Bright

Sunburst Season

Looks like it’s a season of sunburst sunsets at the Sanitas. Right now the angle of the sun at the time of my ascent is definitely different in relation to the pine trees than during June, July and early August. Lets see how it will change over next three months.