Red Hot

Damn! It was probably one of the most intense sunsets I have witnessed here in Boulder. Lasted maybe for 3-4 minutes, but damn, those were some spectacular few minutes. Worth every step getting up to the Mount Sanitas, enjoying those fantastic views, fresh air – it was not bad tonight, and good drink, fantastic hike 😎.

Bright and Cheerful

While we have wild fires still burning just a few miles away from Boulder, sharing something cheerful and bright feels like a good thing.

Yet Another Wild Fire

Statement of the day: “This climate change is f***ng real”

By mid morning we learned that another wild fire just started around Jamestown and by late afternoon it was pushed by the winds through the Left Hand Canyon all the way to HW36.

I saw at least dozen flights into the smoke, I assume they were dropping fire containment powder. The negative impact is probably huge and will not be known for some time. Keeping fingers crossed, the wind does not push it south towards Boulder. It was all clear that way tonight, not like the crazy mess last night.

Digital Memories

Last week on my drive back from the Yankee Basin back to Ouray I saw this opening view into the canyon. Had to stop and make a digital memory of it.

It’s a Fall Season

It’s a Fall season folks! A few more colorful landscapes might miraculously show up in my feed 😎.

I walked through that gorgeous pass I think somewhere around Ouray or maybe it was Telluride? Can’t recall. Doesn’t really matter. Could be almost anywhere.