Map my Photo Pro

“Map My Photo Pro” application is designed to assign geo location to photos by dragging pin on the map to the right spot. Most digital cameras do not have built in GPS capability. This app will allow you to map your photos to the right location so you can always remember special spots you have visited and places you have seen.

I use this app to assign location to all of my photos. So can you!

Map your photos so you can remember many years from now where you took them!

It has the following features:

  • For photos that do not have GPS location, it allows you to specify location on the map and save it to the photo properties.
  • For photos that have GPS location, it allows you to specify a new location on the map and save it to the photo.
  • Update photo properties like Title and Ratings. View other read-only properties.
  • See where you are currently located. Maybe you are right next to that beautiful place on the photo!
  • Remove location data from photos. Most cell phones will attach location data to your photos. What if you want to share photo with someone, but do not want to disclose where you took it? This app will help you to remove location data from your JPEG photo.
  • It will assign GPS coordinates to JPEG files only.

Cost: $1.49

Here is the link to install this app:

App Usage Instructions

When you open your photo in “Map My Photo Pro” application you’ll see a message indicating if this photo already has assigned location. If it does not, then you’ll see a Blue pin, like shown in Figure 1. If it already has location, you’ll see Orange pin, like shown in Figure 3.

Map My Photo Pro - Figure 1

Figure 1: Photo does not have assigned location.

To assign a location to the photo, all you have to do is drag Blue pin on the map to the location where it was taken. I recommend to zoom to about 100-50m to have a perfect view of the target location. After you drag the pin to the final location you can check the properties of the photo and it will show new Latitude and Longitude of the photo, as shown in Figure 2. Now you just need to save it to the photo. That’s it, very simple and easy. Your photo now has assigned location.

Map My Photo Pro - Figure 2

Figure 2: Assign new location and check photo properties.

If photo already has assigned location, then it will be opened in the app with Orange pin showing where it was taken, as shown in Figure 3. You can change location if you want, just drag the Orange pin to a new spot and save it to the photo. Exact same steps as you did with Blue pin.

The reason you see pins with different color is to make sure you know if photo already has location and prevent you from changing it. A visual indicator.

  • Blue Pin – no assigned location.
  • Orange Pin – it has location, maybe I should not do anything with this photo and just close it.

Map My Photo Pro - Figure 3

Figure 3: Photo with assigned location will show Orange Pin on the map.

Another useful task is ability to remove location data from your photo altogether. Just open the photo, and then chose “Remove GPS Coordinates”. This will effectively set latitude and longitude of the photo to zero (as you can see under the properties in Figure 4). Now save the photo and it has no coordinates assigned to it. Next time you open it in “Map My Photo Pro” you will see the Blue pin. Great way to hide where you took this photo.

Map My Photo Pro - Figure 4

Figure 4: Remove location data from your photo.

And finally, another useful function you can use is to see where you are currently located.

Map My Photo Pro - Figure 5

And, yes, there is also a free version of this app, called “Map My Photo”. It will show advertisements on the left side of the window and it does not have “Remove GPS Coordinates” functionality. But common, support this blog and spend $1.49 for a full version!

10 Responses to Map my Photo Pro

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  2. L.J. Popp says:

    Very useful and practical, thanks! And thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Robert Branberg says:

    I like your app but I often take pictures where internet and cell service is not available. I’d really like to be able to simply have an option to add my current GPS location to the selected photo without calling up a map. That sounds simple to do and would be a boon to those of us wandering the hinterlands.

    • Dmitrii says:

      Hi Robert, yes it would be a nice functionality, but will require your device to download entire map. I don’t think it is possible. I’ll take a look next time I do updates to the app and see if there are any caching controls available.

  4. overcoming1 says:

    This looks really cool! Sadly, I do not have Windows 8. Is there anything similar for Windows 7?

  5. cyleodonnell says:

    Great idea. Did you build the app yourself?

  6. Doug says:

    Very nice, and useful too, but it would be even more useful to me if I could select several photos and assign the same coordinates to each one. My Nokia Lumina 521 phone will attach GPS data to the .JPG, but I didn’t know that until I returned from vacation with a few hundred pictures. That isn’t the only camera I carried and I have plenty of old photos that should be updated, but some sort group application is essential.

    • Dmitrii says:

      thanks. I look into it when I revisit the code and test it the app on the upcoming Windows 8.1. If it does not require too much work then I’ll include this feature…
      I can see that it can be helpful in certain situations. Personally I tag one photo at a time before posting it on my blog, as my big cameras do not GPS tracking. My phone does it (most of the time, if it has a signal) but I don’t post those photos here.

  7. Virginia says:

    How can I display all of the photos that I have selected and saved to the map?

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