This stop was one of the first attractions on a hike that turned out for almost 20 miles long and 5k elevation gain. I didn’t plan to do such long hike, but sometimes you just get sucked into the hiking vortex and keep going and going. It was one of those days.

Sunset Changing Colors

Progression of colors during sunset at 14000+ high elevation. The first view was about 25 minutes before the second and 35 before the third. Sun went behind the mountains a few minutes later.

We are looking at the Mount Sneffels, which is something like 18 miles away, while standing on the Handies Peak. Both are Colorado 14ers. Based on the angle in the third view, looks like I started my descent after taking the first two. It got pitch dark pretty soon after that.

Mount Sneffels

Mount Sneffels view from Handies Peak in early October. From one 14er to another just under 20 miles bird fly distance. Takes much longer to get there on foot.

Red Hot

Damn! It was probably one of the most intense sunsets I have witnessed here in Boulder. Lasted maybe for 3-4 minutes, but damn, those were some spectacular few minutes. Worth every step getting up to the Mount Sanitas, enjoying those fantastic views, fresh air – it was not bad tonight, and good drink, fantastic hike 😎.

Bright and Cheerful

While we have wild fires still burning just a few miles away from Boulder, sharing something cheerful and bright feels like a good thing.