Tour de Sanitas

“Tour de Sanitas” is the name myself and @winifredlezine came up for activity that involves multiple climbs up to the Mount Sanitas in one setting. I know that multiple people do this as part of their training, but I have never done multiple at once. This morning I felt like doing it and as we had morning coffee we thought about the name of such challenge. “Tour de Sanitas” was what we decided it should be called! I went on to do it 3 times, 9.7 miles, 3800 elevation gain. Good training for number of 14ers I’d like to do this summer. It brings it up 73 hikes I have done to Sanitas so far this year. Looking good to repeat 150 times from last year.

First and second are views of Indian Peaks. Arapahoe Glacier looking nice.

Third one is different photo than yesterday. Same view, just different day and weather conditions.

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