Pink Full Moon, or not

Full moon they said. Pink full moon they said. Tonight is the night they said. Well, there were no moonrise tonight here in Boulder. I went up high in hopes to see an epic moonrise, as it was supposed to happen about 18 minutes before sunset. I know this place on the Lion’s Lair trail where I can in a span of about 200 feet have nice view to the west and to the east. So we had pretty decent sunset. First shot. No moonrise. Second shot. I ran back and force to each spot taking shots at sunset and hoping that moon would break through those clouds.

In the end its a good hike, my 53rd, to Mount Sanitas, as always, no matter what weather throws at you!

2 thoughts on “Pink Full Moon, or not

  1. I saw the moon through the trees about 10 p.m. Eastern time. An hour later it was a little higher, but not high enough for me to photograph it, as we are surrounded by tall trees and hills. I gave up and went to bed. 🙂

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