Schloss Vaduz 

Not in too far past, view of the Schloss Vaduz (Castle Vaduz) in little country of Liechtenstein. Took from around some vineyard between Schaan and Vaduz. Driving around there you can’t miss it. I spotted it from the Swiss side and found my way closer into Liechtenstein. 

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Cathedrale Notre-Dame 

As was seen from under the Pont Adolphe bridge. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. 

High Air Fun

Must be pretty cool to be up in that seat on a perfect day at 7000″ high in the Swiss Alps. 

This is at Mount Pilatus next to Lucerne. 

Flat Iron 

Flat Iron as seen from the Royal Arch. Note all those tiny climbers. Enjoying good weekend day on the rock. Come Monday, we expect to get up to 8 inches of snow.

Bye bye summer 

Fall is here and winter around the corner. From last week crisp morning in the Indian Peaks Wilderness.