South Dakota – 50 by 50

This is my last lower continental state. All 48 have been visited. Plus Hawaii. Plus Puerto Rico. Now I have one more state to visit – Alaska. Hopefully can make over there sometime next year.

Yesterday we were checking out Black Hills in South Dakota. First went to the Custer State Park, looked at a few bisons and hiked the Lovers Leap trail. Half of the trail was nice, in higher altitude, the other half descended to a creek and was surrounded by poison ivy. I’m highly allergic to it and had to watch every step I made to avoid any contact with it. It was not fun.

We ended up driving up to Mount Rushmore to see the presidents. Late afternoon storm went over it as we got into the memorial and provided this nice drama. Lightning strikes were all over, but I didn’t get any…so just imagine it. After it dumped some heavy five minutes rain, the clouds moved to the east and it went back to the boring blue sky. BTW, if you want to see more photos from this trip and other, follow me on Instagram.

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7 Responses to South Dakota – 50 by 50

  1. Love the clouds. Great shot! Congratulations on the progress.

  2. Amy says:

    Awesome capture, Wow!!

  3. natuurfreak says:

    Such dramatic clouds over the landscape

  4. Ankur Sharma says:

    There’s so much suspense in the clouds. Looks like a conversation between the dark clouds and America’s Exes 😉

  5. arctaco says:

    Excellent picture, as always. Storm clouds are a nice accent on the monument!

  6. I love the drama of this photo. Beautiful.

  7. We too have the goal of visiting all the states. So far we are at 33, so we have a ways to go! Great photos. SD is one of my favorite destinations.

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