North Dakota – 50 by 50

I’m almost done with my goal of visiting all 50 states. This is state #48 that I visited and put at least one photo on this blog. Today we did a long drive to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota and did a quick hike. Never on any of my hikes I came across a carcass of large animal, prior to this one. Seeing bisons carcass was very surprising and made the whole drive to ND and hike in the 90F totally worth it. Pretty cool experience. It stank a lot. 

5 thoughts on “North Dakota – 50 by 50

  1. Been to the South Unit a few times. Never seen anything like this. Just curious, were you in the North or South unit? (Not that it matters.) Only bison I’ve seen were fully operational. >grin<

    1. It was in the south unit. About half mile into the hike. Pretty cool. Shows life like it is. Bison died and nature takes over. If park service does not remove it then by next summer it would probably be just white bones

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