Cherry Blossoms 

Took these back in 2013. I hear they are blooming now in DC, so even I’m not anywhere near at the moment, this is how it was back four years ago. On a nice warm day it attracts large crowds of people. A few of them ended up on my camera.

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5 Responses to Cherry Blossoms 

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  2. natuurfreak says:

    Cherry blossoms are exciting

  3. ralietravels says:

    I read the March snowstorm wiped out about half the blossoms, but I am sure it is pretty. When we lived in D.C., I used to love to run the Cherry Blossom 10 mile race. Sometimes it even happened when the blossoms were out, although it is easier to schedule a race than blossoms.

  4. Dusty Roads says:

    I was just there last weekend and the blossoms were pretty much killed off by the snow storm mid week. The Kazan cherries should begin blooming soon and they do not appear to be damaged

  5. Deb Gale says:

    So great to see your cherry blossoms in full bloom – nice captures….we are having a late season in Vancouver this year and a few buds are just starting to appear. We really need some pink in the downtown streets!

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