Cherry Blossoms from 2014

Some of you commented that this year blossoms were mostly wiped out by the recent blizzard. Too bad. To cheer you up here are a few more photos from years past, this time from just three years ago. Not as many people this time.


Cherry Blossoms 

Took these back in 2013. I hear they are blooming now in DC, so even I’m not anywhere near at the moment, this is how it was back four years ago. On a nice warm day it attracts large crowds of people. A few of them ended up on my camera.

In Phnom Krom

Family doing their daily commute on Tonle Sap in Cambodia. Entire village is built on top of the lake above water. Very fascinating. 

Sunshine Canyon Fire 

After main fire was put out it still was smoky and ready to light up again. This is when airplanes and helicopters came and dropped large amount of water on top of the mountain. By late afternoon all this smoke was gone.

Sunshine Fire

Last night I woke up smelling some smoky air and thought that maybe it was neighbors barbecue got out of control, but it turns out to be a wildlife fire in Sunshine Canyon just a few hundred yards away from our place. We actually had to evacuate from our house as the flames were going crazy wild just on the other side of the ridge. 

Firefighters did a great job containing it down.