Hiking Mount Sanitas 

We have nice warm weather right now here in Colorado. Today instead of going skiing I decided to stay in town and do a little hike up to Mount Sanitas. It was fairly crowded, plenty of folks had the same idea and enjoyed outdoors.

This view is almost from the summit of Mount Sanitas.

After I hiked up to the summit I decided to jog down and recorded it in the following video:


Yesterday I mentioned that snow in the foothills is almost gone. I took this one just about one hour ago. It’s pretty much all gone. Waiting for the next big snowfall. 

Walking on top of the Loch Vale

Short clip from recent hike to Rocky Mountains National Park

Snowed In

On the front range most of the snow has melted over the last few days. Not the case in the high country deep in the mountains. There’s plenty of it and will have for the next few months.

Come visit Colorado and enjoy it as well!

Somewhere in RMNP 

I took this small panoramic photo on our way to the Sky Pond in Rocky Mountain National Park. So much snow, it was very impressive.