Getting First Serious Snow 

This Fall have been very dry in Colorado. In the last few weeks we had couple small snow falls here in the foothills but it melted quickly. It’s about to change, at least for a few days. We are getting some snow! Now I just need to get my Telemark skies ready before the weekend…Hopefully missing parts arrive in the next couple days.

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5 Responses to Getting First Serious Snow 

  1. natuurfreak says:

    Here we had last year no snow.Hoping we get some this winter.Wish you a fine skiïng weekens

  2. Matt I says:

    Hi Dmitrii,

    My name is Matt I and I’m contacting you with regards to a Bent Gate Mountaineering order (tele bindings). Unfortunately, we have the wrong number for your account — could you give us a call at 303-271- (nine three eight two) and ask for Matt I? I apologize for contacting you here — I could not find another route and please delete this message if convenient.

  3. Looks almost painterly–very nice touch adding your vision.

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