Conundrum Hot Springs 

Getting some unsuspecting sunburn at 11,200″ elevation, while soaking in the hot water at Conundrum hot springs. We hiked 8.5 miles, got our muscles relaxed in the hot water, enjoyed the view, talked to a few other backpackers and then hiked back down. Seventeen miles in one day! It was one of a kind. Next time need to plan to camp there for a night or two, as my feet are still hurting from doing this much walking in one day.

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4 Responses to Conundrum Hot Springs 

  1. Oh my June, I think this kind of strikking view is worth miles hiking. ❤

  2. Sue says:

    Fabulous view! A

  3. natuurfreak says:

    Gorgeous photography and hot spring good for tired people

  4. Talk about a hike that is totally worth it! Unbelievable view from the hot spring.

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