Night Light

Walked the streets tonight and at Spruce and 14th saw the light up at this church tower with interesting shadows, all I had is my phone with me but I  think it came out allright.


Boulder Rock Club

My friend Marco son had competition at the Boulder Rock Club today and I popped in to see him and other youngsters climb the wall. Not the easiest sport, and most of them did not make all the way up. But they do put great effort into it.

Running Down the Hill 

Took this photo about 15 minutes before I took one shown yesterday. I was running down the hill and thought that the view was nice, so stopped to take a photo and this random guy ran by, so I took a photo, having something in the foreground is always nice.

Spring Flowers 

I’ll probably be posting quite a bit from from my local area, sometimes of the same general places, as I go for a hike or run its just easy to take photos with my phone and then do a quick post without ever touching computer.

This is Mount Sanitas from the Red Rocks trail. Flowers are currently blooming very nicely up there and good number of people enjoying their evening sunset walks in the mountains.


Recently had a short one day trip to Austin, very hot and humid for May. Even though locals told me that it was nothing, just wait till July. On the way back to the airport I had a few minutes to stop and take a quick walk around Colorado River.