Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road or HW34 is part of Rocky Mountain National Park that connects Estes Park with Grand Lake during summer months. It opens on Memorial weekend and closes sometimes in early fall after it get covered with snow. Since most of this road is above 9000 feet at some parts around 12000 feet it is covered under large amounts of snow, which must be cleared out to make driving possible. I really wanted to see how much snow it really is, so we went to check it out just couple days after the road was opened for the summer.

Pretty awesome. In some parts it was at least 20 feet high walls of snow. Some parts were more like in the tunnel. More to come over the next few days.

8 thoughts on “Trail Ridge Road

  1. Wonderful! Brings back lots of great memories of living as a teenager there in the mid-80s. Thank you for a trip down memory lane on Trail Ridge Road!

  2. It looks pretty daunting in the spring. I drove through here in August a few years ago and the snow was almost completely gone. Almost. Kind of cool that snow can persist throughout the summer at high elevations.

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