Mountain Living 

Its nice to be about one hour drive away from places like this. With all types of other things happening in life we can’t go there every weekend, but when we do manage, it never disappoints. Views are spectacular.

9 thoughts on “Mountain Living 

  1. Beautiful. Where is this in perspective to the Continental Divide? Also, there seems to be a structure of some sort at the very right part of the road in this beautifully sharp image. M

    1. It is in the middle of Rocky Mountains National Park, which I believe is the East side of the Continental Divide. There are no structures in this photo. The road you see snakes around the mountain to the alpine visitors center, but it is not visible from here.

  2. We passed through the Rockies in late April – just before a big storm. Many factors keep us in Florida, but we really miss those mountains.

    1. This photo and last dozen photos were taken with iPhone 6s+. I also use Sony A7S, but have not processed much from it lately. The convenience of taking photo, processing it and posting it from the same device (iPhone) is hard to beat.

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