Extra Peaches

We have two peach trees at our house in NC and this year they got loaded with them, thousands, so many that all branches were down to the ground and one tree started tilting as well. So unfortunately to the peaches I had to take most of them off the trees, otherwise their growing weight would break the trees. I left about one third of them growing and they should be ready in about one month by which probably be eaten by some local wildings.

As for the extra, had to dump it in the backyard…

9 thoughts on “Extra Peaches

    1. Not really. First they’re rock solid, second I have no time, as this house is on the market and I visit it with purpose to check and do any quick clean up. Worms and other earthy creatures will be very happy with it too.

  1. Can you use them to grind up and make some jelly? I don’t know for I’ve not made jelly but plan to do so after the fruit harvest is here. I live 6 months of the year up on the mountain in VA near Mt. Airy, N.C When we drive down, we see the trees in full bloom and then we wait…and wait for the delicious fruit. Glad your trees are loaded. Nancy of Boyer Writes

  2. Is that what we call a bumper crop ? We are having the same problem this year with Cherries. The crows, squirrels, blue jays and raccoon are shaking hundreds off the tree along with the wind and rain. Plenty left for picking so far.Picture is perfect !

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