Boulder Alleyways 

I really dig them. They remind me of my childhood growing up in Alma-Ata, and spending summers at our summer house, Dacha, as most folks did during hot summers to get out of city and attend to their gardens. All the streets were dirt and overgrown with trees from each property. As you walk through those streets you would see everyone’s gardens, dogs would come rushing and bark, you’d grab some cherries off the branches hanging into the streets, raspberry bushes growing, peach trees and then late summer and fall apples. I don’t see any fruit trees around here, but otherwise the alleyways are pretty awesome. The lilac fragrance is the best.

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3 Responses to Boulder Alleyways 

  1. Love the dark purple.

  2. Boyer Writes says:

    These out of the way places are the best. I like to photograph things that I think most people have not seen. Thanks for sharing…and your thoughts on your younger years. Maybe you should write a book about those years and put in your beautiful photography. Nancy at Boyer Writes

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