Call Me, Maybe

Saw this in the lobby of my hotel in Pittsburgh. Almost picked it up to dial  out operator, instead took a few shots, it looked so retro and cool.

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6 Responses to Call Me, Maybe

  1. Awesome! I love rotary phones! I still have two rotary phones here at home. The sound of the dial spinning to its number just can’t be duplicated on a cell phone! For us old timers it’s what dialing is!

  2. Rajiv says:

    I remember those phones so well.. There is something delicious about dialling a number with those phones.
    We get them in India, but as retro-pieces for rich peoples homes

  3. ralietravels says:

    Nice touch to put in the newspaper. When we were in San Antonio earlier this year, the Hotel Menger had old phones in their lobby, but not this old.

  4. Really cool! Still have one of them at home, even if it is not useable. Nice shot!

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